Teams are a powerful force for delivering results,
but GREAT teams don’t happen by accident.

We can help your team to reach the next level.

The Challenges of Teamwork

Research shows that a team will, ultimately, deliver better results than an individual. But, let’s be honest: even if it delivers better results, working in a team is not always easy or enjoyable.

Some of the difficulties to be overcome include:

  • A new team finding its feet, getting to know each other and agreeing ways of working effectively and fairly,
  • Managing differences in personalities, perspectives, beliefs, values, levels of motivation, skillsets and experience,
  • Developing a clear, compelling, shared purpose and vision to work towards,
  • ‘On-boarding’ new members as the team changes personnel,
  • Managing conflict (whether constructive or destructive),
  • Maintaining / regaining focus key goals, objectives and activities (particularly in times of change),
  • Overcoming mistakes or “failures” as a team,
  • Acknowledging and celebrating performance, progress and success,
  • Forming the relationships necessary for better communication, motivation, performance and success, and
  • Acting in an innovative way, challenging the status quo and “old ways of working”.

thrive Consulting Can Help!

thrive team

We’ve worked with hundreds of teams (in Ireland, Europe and far beyond!) to help them improve their relationships and their performance. We combine decades of experience in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds with cutting edge models, research and methodologies. Working closely with you, we identify where your team needs to be, then we roll up our sleeves and help you to get them there.


Types of Teambuilding Event

To help your team to overcome the challenges above, or of course to take them “from good to great”, you may be considering one of the most fun and memorable solutions: a teambuilding event.

Whether you’re on our doorstep in Dublin, elsewhere on the island of Ireland, or in the furthest corners of the world, we can organise a huge variety of events (either on your behalf, or partnering with a specialist events company you’ve already selected), including:

  • Outdoor adventures,
  • Sports / games (indoors or outdoors),
  • Cooking classes,
  • Music lessons / activities,
  • Building / creating / racing games and activities,
  • Charity / community events,
  • Treasure hunts …
  • … and a lot more!


Before the Event

We can help you by:

  • Assessing needs:
    We explore what’s happening for you right now: the good, the bad AND the ugly.
  • Agreeing the finish line:
    Deciding on appropriate goals and objectives for the event is vital if you want to make a difference (and examine results and ROI afterwards).
  • Selecting the right activities:
    This can be tricky, so we explore options with you and agree the best solution for your team’s personalities, preferences, culture and goals.
  • Designing the event:
    We shape the structure and flow of the day to build and maintain momentum and challenge people – without trying to squeeze too much in.
  • Organising it all:
    Managing all of the administration, logistics and communication (if you want us to) to keep everyone informed and included at all stages.


During the Event

This is where we deliver real value. We don’t simply organise the event and shepherd people from one activity to the next, hoping that the learning happens. Instead, we use scientifically proven methods, and our years of experience and expertise to:

  • Quickly build trust and rapport:
    with, and among, the group, so they are “freed up” and prepared to get the most out of the day.
  • Choreograph the learning experiences:
    We expertly guide and facilitate the activities to ensure the right learning takes place, without interrupting the fun or momentum of the day.
  • Balance structure with flexibility:
    Sometimes an issue or opportunity comes up that warrants going somewhat “off-script”. We have the experience to know when this is needed and the expertise to manage it appropriately.
  • Deliver real impact and change after the event:
    By helping team members to identify – and commit to using – the ingredients for team effectiveness, so they can take ownership for their own success long after the event is over.


After the Event

If the teambuilding event has been well received, you will notice a positive change in people’s mood for a while after the event. But, if it has been successful, you’ll also notice changes in relationships, behaviours, language and results across the whole team.

In short, we cause real, sustainable improvements in the team’s effectiveness and future performance.


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